Thank you for visiting High Caliber Athletics. We are excited about what we have going on with this organization. If you are looking for a way to make a difference or to change the life of a child you have come to the right place. Let us tell you a little about what we do:

High Caliber Athletics is a nonprofit organization that encourages youth to get involved in outdoor activities. Our hope is that it will install team work, courage and most of all self esteem in the children we help. We provide equipment to teams, and individuals who lack funding so that the less fortunate have the same opportunities as everyone else. Our goal is to make kids healthy, active and involved in the community. We feel by getting our youth involved at an early age we will keep them involved as adults in the community. Itís our belief that if youth stay involved in sporting activities, Boys or Girl Scouts, and community events they will become better students in school, better adults, and be future leaders in their community.

All volunteers working for High Caliber Athletics do so only on a volunteer basis. We work hard because we care about the kids we support.  We encourage you to look around our web site and see where you fit in. We are always looking for volunteers that are ready to make a difference.

At High Caliber we want to make a difference, but making a difference comes at a price. If God has blessed you please give back by donating to High Caliber, we promise that the money you give will go to make a difference in a childís life. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and every penny donated or raised is spent directly on these children.  Thank you for visiting our site. Keep checking back for upcoming events sponsored by us.